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icy WASTES // icon community

icy wastes // icon community
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Welcome to my Icy Wastes, my own icon community. Most of my icons will be of TV shows and movies.
I enjoy taking my own screencaps, and I own quite the DVD collection (list available soon), so there
will be a variety to choose from. I also have favourite celebs that might pop up randomly ;) Right
now I am not taking requests... but I will as soon as I'm all settled in with this. I will also
attempt some headers and friends only banners when I have the chance :)

01. Do not claim my icons as your own... which leads to...
02. Credit me if you use one of my icons (!)
03. No modifying my icons (they are made textless for a reason)
04. Please don't hotlink.
05. Enjoy! ♥

** Right now this isn't a members only community, but it will be changing so that I can make sure proper
crediting is occuring. It only takes a moment to credit, so please... if you don't know how, just ask. **

Requests & Questions
Right now, requests are closed. Check back for when it is open.
If you have any questions as to how I created an effect or something on one of my graphics, feel
free to ask me and I will do my best to explain it to you.

01. iconsbysarah

If you would like to be affiliated with icywastes, feel free to ask me in any of my entries. :)